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January-June 2021| Vol 20| Issue 1

Original Article

Knowledge and practice of proper ergonomic posture during smartphone use by undergraduate students in college of medicine university of lagos, Nigeria

Background: Literature is replete with the reports of adverse impacts of smartphones on physical, psychological and mental health of users. Hence, the knowledge of the risks associated with s...

Original Article

Clinical presentation and management of meniscal injuries in Enugu, South-East Nigeria

Background: Reports on any aspect of management of meniscal injuries are scarce in Nigeria, though the anecdotal experience is that occurrence of meniscal injuries is not rare. Meniscal repai...

Original Article

Management of gustilo and anderson type i and ii open tibial fracture using delayed primary nailing: An assessment of clinical and radiological outcome

Background: Open tibial fracture is one of the most common trauma emergencies. Marked delay in presentation is noticed in developing countries, especially sub-Saharan Africa due to poor pre-h...

Original Article

Burden of musculoskeletal disorders among diabetics and their functional capacity in Southwest, Nigeria

Introduction: The complications associated with diabetes manifest in a systemic fashion including the musculoskeletal (MSS) system where it leads to a reduction in the quality of life and imp...

Original Article

Magnetic resonant imaging features of acute traumatic cervical spinal cord injury: Its correlation with american spinal injury association impairment scale and prediction of neurological improvement using a low tesla magnetic resonant imaging in a resource-constrained environment

Context: Traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) is a devastating disease, hence the need to identify clinical and radiological injury features that can predict neurological improvement. Aims:...

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